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CHILLWILL - Sounds of Chillwave

Mixed Live By: (J)POPE The Giver

Episode 3: The Formula
Mixed Live By: (J)POPE

Revenge Of The 90s West Coast Smack Edition -

Mixed Live By: (J)POPE

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Retro Video Games Vs. The World

Track List:


Retro Video Games vs. The World Vol. 1 

Track List:

  1. Street Fighter - Wally Clark Vs. A-Hart
  2. Vanilla Widdit (Vanilla Dome Vs. Come Widdit) - Super Mario World Vs. Ahmad ft. Rass Kass & Saafir
  3. Cocoa Brovas Super Brooklyn Instrumental - Super Cocoa Brovas
  4. The Hero - Nostalgia
  5. Hyrule Castle Work (Work Vs. Hyrule Castle) - A$AP Ferg prod. by Chinza & Fly vs. The Legend of Zelda
  6. Teezy Dungeon (Sanctuary Dungeon Vs. Teezy Beat 09) The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past Vs. Teezy
  7. My Nigga For Life Tho - Serious Beats
  8. Virginia Instrumental (The Lost Woods sample from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) - The Clipse 
  9. Pesofare (Fanfare vs. Peso) - A$AP Rocky prod. by A$AP Ty Beats vs. Final Fantasy VII
  10. Aquatic Leaf Ambiance (Leaf Vs. Aquatic Ambiance) - A$AP Mob prod by Clams Casino vs. Donkey Kong Country
  11. Weapon Number 1 (Weapon Theme Vs. Number 1) - Mega Man 3 vs. Jamie Foxx ft. Lil Wayne prod. By Just Blaze
  12. Snake Teezy (Teezy promo beat. Vs. Snake Man) - Teezy Vs. Mega Man 3
  13. Flash Teezy (Flash Man Vs. Teezy promo beat) - Mega Man Vs. Teezy
  14. Teezy Stage Boss 1 (Megaman 1 Wily Stage Boss Vs. Teezy promo beat) - Megaman 1 vs. Teezy
  15. R.C. Pro Giorgio (R.C. Pro AM  Title Theme vs. Giorgio by Moroder) - R.C. Pro AM vs Daft Punk
  16. Metroid Techno / Breaks Remix - Kraftwerk
  17. Green Till I Die (Green Hill Zone Vs. Till I Die) Sonic Vs. Chris Brown Ft. Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa
  18. Take Off Scene 5 (Cut Scene 5 Vs. Take Off) - Ninja Gaiden Vs. Fabo (of D4L) ft. 8Ball
  19. Shinobi Crack Breaks (Shinobi Bonus Stage vs. Butt Crack Breaks) - Shinobi (NES) vs. DJ Flare


DJ & Entertainment Services

DJ & Entertainment Services

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